15,000 Soldiers Stared At Me. I Was 26.

Fifteen thousand soldiers looked at me, and I was only 26 years old.

That’s how I got my start in mental health and psychology, as a young Captain in the Army working as Chief of the mental health clinic. I quickly learned that rank on your sleeve doesn’t earn the trust necessary to connect with others in need. I began to see the link between authentic relationships and deep change. Quick fixes were no match for the challenges.

25 Years of Human Connection in Academia, Research, Publishing, & Hands-on Practice

Since then, my 25-year journey has been a rich tapestry of academia, research, and hands-on practice, all aimed at understanding and fostering human connection and spiritual growth.

As a professor of psychology at Rosemead School of Psychology, I teach courses in the areas of attachment theory, positive psychology, psychodynamic therapy, and the integration of psychology and theology.

On a broader scale, I serve as a faculty affiliate at the Harvard Human Flourishing Program at Harvard University, bringing relational spirituality to the forefront of leading academic thought.

As an award-winning author and editor, I’ve written/contributed to seven books on a range of topics, from spiritual formation and relational spirituality to motivation and connection culture. My most recent books, Relational Spirituality, and The Connected Life, articulate a relational spirituality paradigm for transformation and underscore my belief in the transformative power of relationships

Deep Transformation through Coaching

Like you, I know the frustrating gap between wanting to help others and actually facilitating lasting change in a quick-fix world.

My passion is helping Christian coaches and leaders like you produce deep, lasting change in the lives of your clients through Relational Spirituality—spiritual transformation based on a relational paradigm.

This paradigm helps you produce transformational results. Better bosses. Healthier spouses, friends, and partners. Engaged parents. Flourishing businesses. Deeply connected followers of Jesus in a lonely world.

Relational Spirituality empowers coaches and leaders with the framework, tools, and practical methods to produce deep growth.

My Life & Focus Today: Coaches, Counselors, & Leaders

I reside in Southern California with my wife, Liz, and our two adult sons, Brennan and Aiden, who live nearby. Whether teaching, researching, speaking, or writing, my aim remains constant: to help you heal, grow, and harness the power of relational spirituality in your work coaching and mentoring others.